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Beauty Sleep

How many times have you heard someone make a cursory mention of your need for beauty sleep and dismissed it as either their half-hearted attempt at being humorous or their mindlessly repeating an old wives tale out of sheer habit? Well I’ve got news for you. Although increasing the amount …

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Accept Your Beauty

Often it’s very hard to see our own beauty. When others compliment us we wonder why, and instead of saying ‘Thank you,’ we disagree out loud. We should accept the compliment as we would accept any other gift, because in all actuality, it is one of the greatest gifts we …

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Garlic and Your Health

There are so many health benefits to garlic although many of us don’t even realize it when we use it in our every day cooking. If you aren’t already using it in all of your cooking, here are some of the benefits you might want to consider. Heart Disease – …

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